Western Business Etiquette Training

Good manners are an important part of our daily life.  They reflect your personality and education.  They are especially important when interacting beyond the borders of your own culture – in Business-related settings as well as on private occasions.  We support you in refining your style and will familiarize you with Western Business Etiquettes.

Our topics are: 

+ “Your appearance” – The first impression

+ Invitation and presents

+ Punctuality

+ Greeting and introduction of business partners

+ Western table culture and table manners

+ Business-Dress-Code: how to dress for success

+ Do’s and Don’ts in Western Etiquette

+ plus, plus, plus


To live and work in a different cultural environment is a challenge for each of us.  We help you take the first steps to self-confident behavior in a Western setting.

For further information, training dates or customized programs, please contact us at: 

+ info(at)daochagongfu.com or
+ 0086 138 1170 3018.