Trainings for “Outbound” Students

You are planning to go abroad to study.  You will live in a different cultural environment that challenges you with different behavioral rules and etiquettes every day.  We support you to get prepared for your new home.  With our trainings you will learn how to act and behave in a Western university and business environment.  And this will be fun, because to have manners is fun and makes your life easy.

In your new home, you will be confronted with questions such as:

+ I am invited to my friend’s house: how do I dress?

+ How do I greet my friend’s parents and other relatives?

+ Do I bring a present?

+ What are the important table manners?

+ How can I be a gentleman?

+ How do I behave on the streets and when shopping?

+ plus, plus, plus…


To live and study in a different cultural environment – far away from home – is a challenge for each of us.  We help you take the important steps to self-confident behavior in a Western setting. 

For further information, training dates or customized programs, please contact us at:

+ info(at) or
+ 0086 138 1170 3018.