Kids Trainings

Etiquette Trainings for Kids are an investment into your kid’s future. There is not much room and time for the important “first impression”. Children need to learn manners to become polite, thoughtful and self-confident. With Daocha Gongfu children will learn this in a playful and fun way. 

You know these situations?

+ The head is too heavy: elbows and hands need to carry it

+ The point of the knife is especially delicious

+ “Hanging” at the table is more comfortable than sitting straight

+ You did not hear anyone say “hello” or “thank you”

+ ……


We support in situations in which parents sometimes become desperate.  In a first step your child will learn to

+ Greet people in the right way

+ Show polite and respectful attitudes

+ Refine table manners


Of course all of this is already an important part in your daily family life.  Daocha Gongfu has the advantage, that “rules” and “standards” that don’t come from within the own family and the daily environment, generally attract more interest and acceptance. 

Our course will take approx. 3 hours and includes a joint meal with dishes that are suitable for children.

For further information and training dates, please contact us at:

+ info(at) or
+ 0086 138 1170 3018.