Manners matter

Today more than ever, as we are all part of a big global community.  Despite different cultural backgrounds, good manners, respect and politeness matter for all of us.  Life is not about “do as you like”, but “do what is proper”.  Our training courses will give you an idea of what is “proper” in a Western context.


Western Business Etiquette Training

Good manners are an important part of our daily life.  They reflect your personality and education.  They are especially important when interacting beyond the borders of your own culture – in Business-related settings as well as on private occasions.  We support you in refining your style and will familiarize you with Western Business Etiquettes.

Etiquette Trainings for “Outbound” Students

You are planning to study abroad?  It is the first time that you go “outbound” for longer than a holiday?  We help you prepare yourself for a stay in a new cultural environment.  We take you on a playful journey to the do’s and don’ts of Western etiquettes.  Let us support you in understanding traditions, behaviors and manners of your new (Western) home.

Kids Etiquette Trainings

Etiquette Trainings for Kids are an investment into your kid’s future. There is not much room and time for the important “first impression”. Children need to learn manners to become polite, thoughtful and self-confident. With Daocha Gongfu children will learn this in a playful and fun way.